Sunday, July 01, 2007

STILL CHECKING THE MATRIX AT AGE 34 -- IT'S HARDCORE TRIVIA TIME AGAIN! If you ever gotta hold of the 'print' edition of 200LBU #4, you might know I threw alittle Hardcore trivia on the back cover to seperate the true blue from the name droppers/checkers. I think it really did it's job, 'cause not only did no one send in a complete set of correct answers, but no one even noticed that I more or less ripped off the idea (and some of the questions) right out of Schism Fanzine. I guess it only goes to show you what Sonic Youth said was right, 'You Pose, You Lose'. By the way, if you don't know the band that originally had a song named 'You Pose, You Lose' and really think Sonic Youth came up with that song title on their own, please stop reading now.

Here's a small batch of questions to continue the fun. Feel free to send in your answers and any one who comes close or answers them all will win nothing but maybe my respect and perhaps a vinyl goodie or two. Dig in, pongo....

1) What was the side project of Violent Apathy that did reggae-fied versions of Negative Approach songs?
2) Who was originally supposed to do the cover artwork for the 'Process of Elimination' compilation?
3) On the title cut of their debut LP, SSD sing they will rise above through the strength of what musical style?
4) What band did the bass player of Tampere S.S. join after the bands' break-up?
5) What Bad Brains' member ended a Discharge set in mere minutes of them taking the stage at The Rock Hotel in '85? How did he actually do it?
6) Who did Vile open up for when they played their one and only show?
7) What infamous NYSEHC band shared a member with A.R.E. Weapons?
8) Who was Tesco Vee's backing band for the 'Dutch Hercules' 12"? (Please list both their real and 'studio' names)
9) List all the singers for Agnostic Front
10) How does the matrix read on the 1st pressing of the 1st Adolescents lp?

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Johnny said...

I'm guessing that this quiz was put up on your blog a couple years back, so I'm not going to try to answer the questions. I help run a record store in Baltimore where in the past week (H.R. from Bad Brains & John Brannon from Negative Approach, Easy Action, Laughing Hyenas, etc.) have dropped in, & Tesco popped in a few months ago to sign a record I'm putting on eBay as we speak.
I just wanted to ask you if you know anything about this "misprint" on the Dutch Hercules vinyl's cover. I have a green vinyl 12" with the original insert (by my friend Barry Wooldridge, the Evil Twin) & I've never noticed before but on the title edge of the cover it says T&G 3, NEGATIVE APPROACH - TIED DOWN! How could they have screwed that up since the back and front covers are right? Or was it some kind of joke? I guess I could call Tesco, but I don't really know know him. I have his number here, but...y'know. Any thoughts?