Sunday, July 29, 2007

200LBU will be going on hiatus for a spell, due to something called the real world. Also, to be honest, I'm sorta sick of being the middleman between young innocent types and hipster vampires. As I scramble to sell records on eBay and take bucket after bucket of change down to the CoinStar, me thinks I'm owed some 'finders' fee' by some large indepedent label types. If you're half the gents you say you are, you'll send a grand or so to me via PayPal. If not...well all I can say is thanks for all the horrible promo CD's no record store will buy. Getting to hear promising new talent like the Silver Daggers or another 'totally great' Wooden Wand CD is all worth it.
And here we go again...I mean, does anyone really wanna read this crap over and over again? My bitter bitching has become a literal chore, something to entertain you and keep my finger in your pie. Fuck it. I'm out. Go read one of the blogs mentioned to the right and remember to 'stay relelvent'.

Wednesday, July 11, 2007

In those wide eyed, innocent days of pud pulling and record collecting, it was always a bright orange blast to find out there was some sorta artifact out there you'd never heard nor seen; a total holy grail (to put it in less wordy words) Back in said time, my pals and I always heard about some Black Flag 7" that wasn't available through the SST catolog and it was simply refered to as the 'Licorice Pizza' 7". The toddler trainspotter in me not only remembered seeing those two words at the bottom of alot of the Black Flag flyers my brothers' friend was sending him from L.A. (i.e. -- 'Tickets available from...') but I also recalled seeing some sign in the background of 'Fast Times At Ridgemont High' that had those words printed on it. What can I say? I was a nerd as soon as I stepped outta my mommas' gut. I later found out via a back issue of Flipside or something that Licorice Pizza was a chain store in Southern California and the singles were given away free (Uh...what?) at certain Licorice Pizza locations prior to the 'Damaged' record coming out. That was a total mindblower to me at my age. I remember thinking,'Man, I gotta get myself out to California...they have record stores there that just GIVE AWAY Black Flag records!' Later on in life, I found out the meaning of the word 'promotion' and realized this wasn't some act of punk graciousness, but simply a decent way thought up by Unicorn and SST to drum up interest in an upcoming lp. Nonetheless, I had no idea what was on this record or how to get it, which of course made me want it even more. A little further down the line, I heard somewhere that the majority of these singles were simply THROWN AWAY by the Licorice Pizza franchise when the promotional scheme didn't pan out as planned. I remember thinking 'Man, I gotta get myself out to California...they have record stores out there that just THROW AWAY Black Flag records!' Eventually, someone (TDT maybe?) got a hold of one through a trade with a penpal and to say I was dissapointed would be an understatement. The thing had no picture sleeve and it was just live recordings of 'Life of Pain' and 'Thirsty & Miserable'. Is this what I was waiting so long to behold? Ech... I promptly killed my persuit for the record and moved on to even lamer prospects...
But the other day I ran across a cheap bootleg of the thing and I thought 'What The Hell?' and I gotta say I'm pretty stoked on it in my time of dying. Perhaps it's that the cover has my fave Flag stillshot of all time (The one where Dez-O looks like he's either got a bad rasta cap or a poorly knitted Afro wig on his dome) Perhaps it's that the thing really looks like a labor of love, complete with liner notes, pics of the original record and a BF interview from an old issue of Ripper. Or it could be that these tracks simply shred (If I may use some sixth grade lingo here) The Ginn/Cadena assault is in full force here and although Hank sounds parched, his voice sounds burly as hell. Check the weirdo phrasing on 'Thirsty and Miserable'. At the end of the single, they even chuck on an unearthed studio recording of Dez singing 'Spray Paint (The Walls)' If you ask for more, you're simply an asshole...
There's a certain record store in NYC that's on Thompson St. that has abuncha these things, and as I check out the internetting of my computer I see a website named Punk Utopia (good lord) has some ...
So get this thing and get to skankin'....
For those who don't know, Oaklands' Never Healed performed on my radio show this week and simply KILLED it. Do yourself a favor and check it out on the WFMU archives. Thanks to those dudes and Charles for the board help.
And how the hell did I go about my life without knowing about these two awesome web presences?
Be sure not to burst into flames....

Tuesday, July 03, 2007

Alright all you harder-than-hard Leslie Keffer fans…here’s the answers to the Hardcore trivia…just in time for AmeriKKKa’s burfday…Mosh it up you retards!

1) Dick & The Balls
2) Roger Dean
3) 18th Century Bulgarian Clog Dancing Hymns
4) Flash and The Pan
5) Short lived BB member Cedric the Entertainer. After lambasting Discharge singer Cal with numerous ‘Yo momma so fat’ jokes, Cal left the stage both disgusted and embarrassed. Apparently, his momma (or ‘mumma’) WAS so fat that the back of her neck DID looked like a package of hot dogs.
6) Disregard
7) The Begging Paupers (Tommy Rat era)
8) Pilsnick McNamara (Studio name -- Burlap Sam)
Susan Faludi (Studio name -- She-Who-You-Would-Not-Wanna-Fuck)
Studds Turkel (Studio name -- Bruce ‘Car Alarm Cock’ Froiderminn)
Gumbo MacKaye (Studio name -- Gumbo MacKaye)
9) John Watson/Jimmy the Russian/Keith CFA/Cedric the Entertainer/Roger Miret
10) ‘Beaver flash in Pennsyltucky’/’It was bald…just like Robo’

Sunday, July 01, 2007

STILL CHECKING THE MATRIX AT AGE 34 -- IT'S HARDCORE TRIVIA TIME AGAIN! If you ever gotta hold of the 'print' edition of 200LBU #4, you might know I threw alittle Hardcore trivia on the back cover to seperate the true blue from the name droppers/checkers. I think it really did it's job, 'cause not only did no one send in a complete set of correct answers, but no one even noticed that I more or less ripped off the idea (and some of the questions) right out of Schism Fanzine. I guess it only goes to show you what Sonic Youth said was right, 'You Pose, You Lose'. By the way, if you don't know the band that originally had a song named 'You Pose, You Lose' and really think Sonic Youth came up with that song title on their own, please stop reading now.

Here's a small batch of questions to continue the fun. Feel free to send in your answers and any one who comes close or answers them all will win nothing but maybe my respect and perhaps a vinyl goodie or two. Dig in, pongo....

1) What was the side project of Violent Apathy that did reggae-fied versions of Negative Approach songs?
2) Who was originally supposed to do the cover artwork for the 'Process of Elimination' compilation?
3) On the title cut of their debut LP, SSD sing they will rise above through the strength of what musical style?
4) What band did the bass player of Tampere S.S. join after the bands' break-up?
5) What Bad Brains' member ended a Discharge set in mere minutes of them taking the stage at The Rock Hotel in '85? How did he actually do it?
6) Who did Vile open up for when they played their one and only show?
7) What infamous NYSEHC band shared a member with A.R.E. Weapons?
8) Who was Tesco Vee's backing band for the 'Dutch Hercules' 12"? (Please list both their real and 'studio' names)
9) List all the singers for Agnostic Front
10) How does the matrix read on the 1st pressing of the 1st Adolescents lp?