Saturday, October 13, 2007

I wish I could tell ya I’m back and ready to strut through the doors of the local douche bag distillery with a cane in one hand and a tall boy of Steel Reserve in the next, but shit man, things will NEVER be that bad EVER AGAIN. While not running to this constantly dilapidating craptop to tell you about every hunk of vinyl people send me, I’ve been spending my time wisely…making extra money…shoving beer cans into chickens…watching the second season of ‘Twin Peaks’…shoving more beer cans into chickens (still don’t think I got it quite right)…working on my contribution to the ‘Anywhere, Anyhow’ book…and basically, chillin’…not paying attention to shit that don’t make me money and feeling better than I ever have in years. SO THERE…

I don’t really sit around and stew in my own filth and listen to records the way I used to. I think the only thing I listened to this week over and over again was Colin Blunstone’s ‘One Year’ and that’s about it and I’m pretty satisfied with it. New singles by obvious current favorites have been spinning every once in awhile. Government Warning’s ‘Arrested’ single manages to make the hair on the back of everything stand up listen after listen. Virginia Beach…O.C….what’s the diff? The title track is an anthem and a half. More pills for these kids toot sweet!!! Dry-Rot still makes me wonder with the latest ‘Subordinate’ 7” on Painkiller. A concept record of sorts on the subjects of submission and control with a filthy Void-core backdrop. I wonder what this band would do with a 12” canvas to spread their ideas on…Hmm…I wonder. I like that Uber single on the Professional Retard label too. Spanish duh-core never sounded so sweet. Pity that ODFX single went so quickly, but you didn’t deserve it any way…HA-CHA!!! That’s what you come here for, right? Abuse?
Oh yeah…I forgot…There were a few reasons I decided to swallow my pride and log on to this thing again. Firstly, for those who didn’t get a copy of the Swindle issue with my Detroit Hardcore piece in it, it’s available on line at their website. Here’s a non-fancy link to it –

Secondly, Olympia, Washington’s Sex/Vid will be rolling through the east coast and I am ACTUALLY GOING TO LEAVE THE HOUSE TO SEE THEM. Woah. They’re playing in Brooklyn at PassOut Records at 131 Grand Street in Williamsburg this Thursday (the 18th) sometime in the evening. The next day they’re playing in South Boston with Mind Eraser and then I think they’re off to Canada for the F’ed Up hoedown. Here’s unfancy link #2 to get you psyched up –

And lastly, I will be playing records at the Destijl/Soft Abuse CMJ showcase this Thursday (the 18th) at the Cake Shop at 152 Ludlow between Stanton and Rivington on the Lower East Side of the Lower East Side Crew 7". Artists performing include Car Commercials, King Darves, Ed Askew and a host of others. Other DJ’s include Mike and Maya Bernstein (Heavy Tapes, Religious Knives, etc.) and Brian Turner (WFMU, ex- guitarist in Skinhead Youth) This shit will be FREE to the public and will start at 2PM. Plenty of time to check this out and boogie over to PassOut to check out Sex/Vid. Perfect…

O.K. That’s it…Back to YouTube for more ‘Peep Show’ and ‘Never Mind The Buzzcocks’.