Friday, August 29, 2008

YOUNG, DUMB AND FULL OF FEAR OF WOMEN Above is a younger version of myself somewhere I most likely shouldn't of been at my age. Dig the Bodies In Panic graffiti slighty obscurred in the background! I have no idea why my right eye looks like it was sown shut, but it could of been because I talked too much smack about either Chronic Smog or Neurotic Impulse. I really can't recall at this codger like moment in my life. Thanks to Ken Salerno for digging this image up and reminding me that once upon a time, I was actually much smaller.

200LBU TOP 5 AS OF 8/29/08

1) Bread 'n' butter pudding at the Blue Pig Tavern in CMNJ
2) Pale Saints - 'The Comforts of Madness' (4AD)
3) Red Eyes - 'Demo '02' (self - released)
4) Tornado Dog at Hot Dog Tommy's in CMNJ ('Big Bad' style of course!)
5) Underwear Jones - 'Nude Renaissance Faire Blues' (WFOT)

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Rich said...

heavy on the CMNJ tip....