Wednesday, May 07, 2008

AMERICA'S HARDCORE INTERVIEW ON THE DOUBLE CROSS SITE (DONE BY ME OF COURSE) If you told me when I was sixteen I would interview Kurt Loder when I got older, not only would I have not given a shit, I wouldn't believe you. If you told me when I was sixteen I would eventually interview Danny Slam, the vocalist for America's Hardcore, not only would I have shat my britches, I wouldn't believe you (I sense a theme here)

For those who are not Hardcore nerdboys, lemme tell ya that AHC are certainly the most underrated/unknown band to emerge from the early 80's SoCal Hardcore scene. They were an interesting band as they seem to be one of the first (if not THEE first) SoCal 'Core units who were dipping more into the well of the Midwest and D.C. sound rather than apeing anything from their own know...the area that more or less 'invented' the whole shabang. They managed to chuck a few songs here and there on a few Mystic compilations and even got to make shirts that members of Minor Threat eventually put on their backs when they got back from tour (Check the back cover of the 'Salad Days' 45) The summer my brother started taking me to Hardcore shows, it seemed every band I saw had AHC stickers plastered on their gear. I distinctly remember Die Kruezen having one on their boombox. They were always one of those bands I wanted to know more about.

Well, fast forward to nowsville and lo and behold, I'm interviewing Danny Slam of AHC for the beyond excellent Double Cross site done by my old buddy Tim McMahon and his faithfull sidekick, Gordo. It's up there right now and the link to the site is right over there on the right with all the other links. If there's any difficulty in finding it, please call the nurse so's she can snuff you right now once and for all.

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