Sunday, October 15, 2006

I'D TELL YA...BUT YOU WOULDN'T BELIEVE IT... Once again...So sorry for the lack of correspondence in the past few weeks. I was tieing up some loose ends with actual writing that will actually pay, so you can understand why typing away at something that will be seen by no one but the converted might go to the back burner. No offense to you old chum, old pal, old one last ticket for the ten o'clock showing of 'The Marine', but sometimes (believe it or snot) I got bigger fish to fry. Yeah...It shocks me too. Nonetheless, expect more than usual in this space in the next few weeks. Aren't you exicted? Yeah, I can feel it, man...

The other reason I haven't been floggin' at the bloggin' is that I haven't really had much scratch to spend on records these days. Been diggin' through the crates lookin' for gems of yore that put a spark under my booty after I sparked the buddah back in the daze. One gem I re-discovered was that Harsh Reality jam 'Heaven & Hell'. I remember checking this out due to some parakeet like dude telling me it had some sorta Sensational Alex Harvey Band connection. After much research (Pre-internetting, fools) I found it in fact didn't have any connection to SAHB and felt somewhat roked, but once I started to jam the platter, I felt an immediate connection. A good feelin' to know. The tracks are sorta all over the place in a good way. One minute you're listening to a Brit blues jammer, the next some sorta melancholy Procul Harum shit and before you know it, one track will sound like it should be off of 'Mr. Fantasy'. Not to say this is all some second tier compilation record of British Rock of the 60' sir. Just giving you an easy understanding of what you're getting into. That's my job. My non-paying, self-assigned job. Yeesh. Just lettin' you know it's a good one to discover again or discover right now. As far as I know, even the CD re-issue of this is OOP, so hopefully you can find it used somewhere. If you wanna an OG vinyl copy of it, prepare to chop off a limb or a relatives'. I guess you can get it at one of those new fangled 'file sharing' sites the yobs all talk about. I'm too much of a stinkin' hippy to do such things.

I sure did see that 'American Hardcore' film. I sure did...I sure as hell did...What? My opinion? has YDI footage...that it sure did...hmm...I wish they interviewed more women than coatracks...It's easy to wipe your hands clean after 1986. Harley rules. MDC are talked about for 15 minutes and the beginning of their portion starts off like 'Star Wars'. What the hell is that? These guys had one good record...if that. Pfft. got my blood angered up. Did I tell you there was YDI footage?

I interviewed Princeton prodigy Daniel DiMaggio (AKA Home Blitz) for Uncle Eddie Flowers' truly happenin' Slippy Town Times website. Check it out here -- Yes, that is right...I'm real lazy.

Sometime in the next week, either here or on the FMU site, they'll be more writing. Most likely about Fucked Up making the record of the year (Did I stutter?) The re-emergence of shore core with The Jacks, The two most recent cassettes by Car Commercials, and how I have convinced more than one person that one of my heroes is a rapist. Keep on sploogin'...

P.S. -- I forgot to mention I have finally gone totally helmo and started a MySpace page...Will you be a froid on MySpace? Will you let me meet you on MySpace? Will you let me show you some lame ass picture I took of myself in the mirror on MySpace? Will you find me in the toilet on MySpace? Will you suckle at the teet of Fritz on MySapce? Will you read me your life storyon MySpace? If so, get with me'friend'....(I wanna die)

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