Wednesday, June 14, 2006


Last night, Max Milgram (vocalist for the always ready-to-ruck Violent Students) flew into my window in the form of Beki Bondage (above) and told me to tell ‘the kids’ about this show. You’re pretty much gonna get to see three of the best bands rollin’ right now for FREE! Is it worth the trip? You betcha! Will I be there? Well..if I didn’t have to take care of my World Cup Fever…maybe…but I got a serious case. But don’t let that stop you from going…it’s gonna be a corker!

Magik Markers Lambsbread Violent Students June 18 2 PM free! Tequila Sunrise Records 525 W Girard Ave Philadelphia PA

Also, for all you floppy haired Brooklynites, Pissed Jeans will be playing for FREE outside of OfficeOps this Saturday at 4 PM. As some of you know, these guys are the flakiest of the flakes, so a live show is a rare occasion. Go there and get your Sup Pop single auto-mo-graphed! Office Ops is at 57 Thames St. in Williamsburg.

‘You should really sit down and listen to ‘Tusk’ in it’s entirety one day, you pussy….

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Justine said...

Boy, did I want to be her when I grew up! Well, her, Lydia Lunch, diamanda galas, Nina Hagen and Dale Bozzio rolled into one.