Wednesday, May 31, 2006

I AM NOT ABOVE SELF-PROMOTION...OR TOUCHING YOU FOR A REASONABLE FEE... Above -- Lloyd Barnes is like 'I think I need more speakers' and his boy is all like 'Yeah, you do!' So he goes out and gets more speakers and they blast Uriah Heep and The Viletones 'til the weed runs out. True story...

Hey there hockey pucks--
Dig my review of the Howlin’ Rain CD that appears in this weeks’ Village Voice. I figure some of you outside of the glorious New York area might wanna check it out, so here ya go.,rettman,73355,22.html
Other than that, I got nothing for ya. Too busy with the fourth season of ‘Home Movies’ and transcribing hour upon hour of tape containing old men telling me how skeevy the Freezer Theatre was. Life is many a splintered thang. For now, how about a half-assed list of music I listen to a lot these days? That should hold ya…

Super Eight Loop - cassettes (Bloodlust!)
Career Suicide - 12” (Parts Unknown)
Voivod - ‘Nothingface’ (MCA)
Mind Eraser - ‘Cave’ (Painkiller)
HG/BXC - ‘II’ (Heavy Blossom)
Fleetwood Mac - ‘Rumours’ (Warner Bros)
Dirty B.S. - 7” (Slasher)
Various Artitsts -‘Firehouse Revolution - King Tubbys’ Production In The Digital Era 1985 - 89’ (Pressure Sounds)
James T. Pursey - ‘Revenge Is Not The Password’ (Turbo)
The Twinkle Brothers - ‘Dub Masscre Part 3’ (Twinkle)
Loefah - ‘Goat Stare/Root’ 12” (DMZ)
Vex’D - ‘Bombardment of Saturn’ 12” (Planet Mu)
Violent Minds - CD (Parts Unknown)
Various Artists - ‘Darker Than Blue -- Soul From Jamtown 1973-80’ (Blood and Fire)
Pat Boone - ‘Departure’ lp (Polydor)
Junior Delahaye - ‘Working Hard For The Rent Man’ 12” (Wackies)

Please remember, there’s no such thing as ‘guilty pleasures’. It’s all in your head…just like your ‘god’. Got it? Good….until next tymee….

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